Welcome to Elimu Africa – Education Africa!

Mission Statement: Support disadvantaged students in Tanzania by providing grants to existing educational organizations.

Our goal is to keep administrative costs below 7%. Our average administrative costs are currently 1.9%, meaning that 98% of donations go straight to our projects.

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We are a small grassroots organization founded by a group of volunteers from the United States of America who have been touched by the beauty and the hardships of the people of Africa. We are currently focusing our efforts in Northeast Tanzania. In these areas, school is not free and many families live on only $1.00-$2.00 a day and cannot afford to send their children to school. Our main objective is to help support educational opportunities for disadvantaged people so they can have access to education. The word “Elimu” means education in Swahili, the beautiful, rhythmic language of Tanzania.

We support existing Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) in Tanzania which provide education to disadvantaged students. Elimu Africa will award annual grants to organizations through an application process.

Kristy Blick, Elimu Africa Chair was interviewed about women's rights and a women's group supported by Elimu, "Jiendeleze Women Organization" on a local Minneapolis television show "It's a Women's World." Kristy and her friends also performed the song she wrote "Elimu Africa." To watch the interview, click here.

Several Elimu Africa board members have traveled to Tanzania and fallen in love with the lovely, joyful  people of this beautiful country. We have empathized with the difficult challenges they face in their lives due to the lack of education. Our goal is to become an agent of change by helping students get their education and break the cycle of poverty. 

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Kristy Blick, Elimu Africa Chair was interviewed about her original trip to Tanzania, how Elimu was formed and discusses our projects in Tanzania on a local Minneapolis television show "It's a Women's  World”.  To watch the interview, click here.

After her trip to Tanzania in 2005, Kristy Blick, Elimu Africa chair, wrote a song called “Miss Africa” in honor of the beautiful girls and women of Africa. To listen to the song and order a copy of the CD, click here.

Elimu Africa is a registered United States 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.